Prominence Africa makes Growth open to anyone, anywhere.

Why We Do What We Do

Over time, there has been an influx of communities in the cyberspace. On daily basis, people visit these communities for diverse reasons and at the end of the day, they forget why they joined the community in the first place, having a message overload not knowing how to apply the lessons that they learnt from these communities because an avenue was not created to know how members are faring.

At prominence Africa, asides the fact that we dish out value embedded content ranging from insight on business, leadership and personal development, we ensure that the messages are communicated effectively through diverse channels to our community members by ensuring that we run a follow-up programme to enable us to know how they are faring and ascertain how the content they have consumed overtime has impacted their lives.

Our goal is to ensure that all those who engage with our content gain value.

How We Do What We Do

We work with captains of industries, business experts, leadership experts, personal development experts and professionals from diverse fields to share their stories and secret to success with people who are willing to grow in all spheres of life.

We create quality programmes using the best processes and high-end technology to empower individuals and entrepreneurs and to enable them to meet up with the best life and business practices of the century.

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At Prominence Africa, your GROWTH is our topmost priority.

Our Mission

To empower African entrepreneurs and individuals to succeed in life, business and grow in exceptional leadership qualities using a very effective means of development and awareness.

Our Vision

We aim to inspire and empower 1million Africans and individuals around the world through the maximum application of effective development strategies.

Our Core Values

Meet David Lein Victor

David Lein Victor was a social development worker with WOTCLEF before quitting and becoming an Entrepreneur who uses Tech and Content to help brands and business gain visibility and profit.

He took up leadership roles, teach people what he knows and go into deep mastery of personal development. Prominence Africa was born as a result.

Today, David, together with his team are on a quest to reach 1million African Entrepreneurs and individuals around the world to help them grow in terms of business, leadership, personal development and spirituality.