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An emerging mentoring platform in Africa where captains of industries, business experts, leadership experts, personal development experts and professionals from diverse fields share their stories and secret to success with people who are willing to grow in all spheres of life.

Mindset Change

We believe the human mind can be trained to fully unleash its potentials. We positively impact the mindset of individuals to allow them to create magic and live a beautiful life.

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A platform where individuals and entrepreneurs are empowered to meet up with the best life and business practices of the century.

Programmes to Elevate You

The Prominence Africa Team in collaboration with experts creates the best programs in every category of human transformation. We are developing our learning system to enable you to have the best learning experience.

Why Prominence Africa?

Access to Quality Content

Transformational resources to get you started and guide you throughout your success journey.

Global Community

A global community of goal-driven individuals ready to grow together while remaining accountable.


Providing you with intensive coaching for your maximum growth.


Quality life and success hack discussions that can help you achieve your desired results.

How Prominence Africa Works

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What People Say About Us

Prominent Africa is a home and a community where you can only be impacted with ideas, creativity, life hacks, amazing experience, and tech wonders. The path that has brought me to fully unleash my best to the world, to the point of maximum functionality. Prominent Africa is where I wanted to be and where I have always been.

Tunde Abdul Writer

At this phase of our lives, we all desire to grow beyond limits. But sadly, down moments come and we get discouraged on how to go about it. Prominence Africa is that map to guide you on your path of growth. It's a reminder for times when it feels like you don't know the next step to take. It's the right motivation to keep you kicking even when your feet hurt.

Victoria Willie Creative Director, Riakosher

I came across Prominence Africa on Facebook last year. I discovered that it serves as a platform where creatives come together, to seek, learn and acquire knowledge about Tech, Personal Development, Content development, Graphics, etc. In all sincerity, it has helped shaped my interest in graphics & designs. All thanks to Prominence Africa for shaping people.

Collins Adolf Author, Mute Ant

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